Chickens, Pigs, Compost and Gardening

Meat Birds

Above: Wings, breasts, drumsticks and thighs from 28 birds. We kept carcasses for bone broth and livers/hearts/tails/necks/feet for dogs (I can't bring myself to cook with the feet yet). We cleaned and froze gizzards for a friend. Just a half bucket of guts and heads left over!

Least expensive/most healthy way to do meat birds that worked for us

  • Chicken tractor: $200 parts (we used this one:
  • Buckets and PVC for feed: $20
  • Chickens: 25 Freedom Rangers from Polaris Poultry cost around $180
  • Brooder: Scraps and parts to make walls, heat lamp ($15)
  • 3-4 bags Scratch and Peck Starter: $55/each
  • 11-15 bags layer feed from Tiana (Delta): $11-12/each
  • Free range for last 6-ish weeks
  • Rent slaughter equipment: $175-$200 (we bought a plucker this year!)
  • 13 weeks to butcher, 1 all-day butchering
  • 4.35lb bird average