Packa Sweets Milk and Meats - Goat Herd Share Contract
It is illegal in the State of Alaska to sell raw milk for human consumption. However, it is legal to consume milk from your own goat herd. A share in our herd will provide the ability for you to obtain fresh milk.

I,_________________________________________(buyer), wish to buy a share in the Packa Sweets Milk and Meats dairy goat herd (seller) for fifty dollars ($50). This share fee is good for two years.

It is agreed and understood by the buyer that buyer’s interest in the herd is a limited interest shared with others of co-ownership in the herd and does not convey or vest the buyer sole ownership of the herd or any particular goat in the herd. The specific goats in the herd may change over time as goats die or as the seller adds to or deletes from the herd in her sole and absolute discretion. Ownership of kids born on the farm reverts back to Packa Sweets Milk and Meats.

Husbandry Fee: $80/month. Share is 1 gallon of milk weekly in glass jars ($20/gallon). Pickup
The fee covers feed and care costs as well as any vet bills incurred, and milking and labor costs. The buyer of the share/s understands that as a cash out of the share/s they will receive as produce from their herd raw whole goat milk per week so long as payment of the fee is not delinquent. Buyer further agrees to provide two sets of containers for their milk, so that an extra set can be left at the farm to be filled and ready for pickup. Please return the containers to the farm in a clean and sanitary manner. If you are unable to pick up, I will freeze the milk for you.

Buyer understands that the milk acquired through their share may not under any circumstances be sold to a third party. Buyer also understands that milk season fluctuates with doe breeding and kidding schedules. When milk is unavailable due to pregnancy/kidding, the monthly husbandry fee will be waived.

The buyer is willingly drinking raw milk that has not been pasteurized. Benefits and dangers of raw milk should be researched and understood by the buyer. Packa Sweets or Alexandra and Ben Packa will not be held liable for any health reactions. You may inspect goats and milking operation at any reasonable hour. Milk handling will adhere to acceptable husbandry standards for producing healthy, clean milk. The milk is hormone, antibiotic, and chemical free. Goats are fed local Brome hay, forage, Scratch and Peck Organic Soy-free Goat Feed, soy/corn free milk ration, kelp and minerals. On average, goat milk can last up to 7 days in the fridge. Do not mix new milk with old milk. Do not keep milk in the door of your fridge. Sour milk is bad milk. Flavors may change due to the kinds of forage the goat eats. When picking up milk please bring a cooler to keep milk chilled on the way home. Once the milk leaves the farm we are no longer responsible for it. Please text or call with any questions. I hope you enjoy your milk! Thank you!

Signed________________________________(Buyer) Date______________________
Printed Name:__________________________________________________________  Phone/Cell:____________________________________________________________

Signed:_________________________________(Seller) Date____________________

Pay with cash or check to Alexandra Packa
Packa Sweets Milk and Meats, N Arabian Lane, Palmer, AK 99645
Ali-K 907-232-1667 Email: [email protected]