Where we buy Veggies, Berries, Meat & Grains

Singing Nettle Farm in Palmer - veggies & mushrooms

"Beyond organic"
They have a summer stand in Palmer by Poppy Lane. They sometimes have cold storage sales. Very nice and easy to order and pickup at the Poppy Lane location. I've had onions, carrots, potatoes and mushrooms - all delicious, fresh and cleaned. The kids and I LOVED the blue oyster mushrooms.

Three Ladybugs Farm in Palmer - bulk veggies

Veggies - beets, potatoes, zucchini, peas, etc. I talked with the farmer - he does not spray his crops. He farms next to Pam's Carrots (she does spray). He has options for bulk ordering (for example, he supplied 4oT% Ranch in Soldotna with beets for his cattle). He has access to an awesome cold storage vault that goes deep into a hillside. 

A.D. Farm in Palmer - veggies (weekly option)

They collect from different farms. All organic veggies & pork - Anchorage market and farm pickup on Lazy Mountain. So far I've only tried veggies - the bag of greens (pictured above) was incredible. Clean, super sweet, absolutely delicious ready to eat in a 1# bag in October. Beets and molly purple potatoes are clean and ready. Farm pickup was awkward as there were multiple buildings, vehicles and driveways so pickup location was hard to find. But the products are great!

From A.D. Farm website: "In keeping with organic growing practices, we use no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers in our vegetable production. Our livestock are all fed fresh barley fodder. Other than the quail, none of our animals are fed corn or soy."

Common Ground in Big Lake - berries & apples

You-pick berries and applies. Amazing website and blog. They also sell plants. Incredible, beautiful farm! All organic. They also have a great list of local sources.

4T% Farm and Ranch in Soldotna  - beef & pork

New farm in Soldotna with beef and pork. The farmer worked with 3 Ladybugs Farm to provide his livestock with beets to sweeten the meat. My brother buys his beef and says it's delicious! The farmer is looking to connect with a solid customer base and then get off Facebook. He has a YouTube channel. Click the picture on the left to go there.

Wolverine Farms Beef in Palmer - beef

Grass fed and finished beef. You have to get on their list early in January-ish. As soon as they send out the email you have to respond ASAP. I responded within minutes and was 15th on the list. They package it for you. 217 lbs hanging weight cost $1500 this year (picture on the left). 

Wholy Living  - grains

Margaret sells ancient grains, sweeteners, nuts, oils, chocolate, seasonings and dried fruit including dates. She sells giant vats of peanut butter, corn for popping and 13 bean soup mix. Most of the items are sourced through Azure Standard so she gets large orders in the spring and fall to save on shipping costs for everyone. 

She also has store hours where you can go shop - Tuesdays 3-7, Saturdays 10-noon. She sells Bosche machines (4 loaves and 2 pizzas in one batch!), NutriMills (this is how I make flour), and really nice dehydrators. She also offers classes on how to use all this stuff.

Alaska Flour Company - in local stores

Alaska Flour Company grows barley in Delta. They use no till methods so they don't disturb the soil. They keep their own seeds.